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Diet & Weight Management A-Z List

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Diet & Weight Management
We're familiar with the pattern. It starts with a commitment to weight loss, complete with energetic bouts of exercise and thousands of calories burned. Finally, your weight goals are within reach! But then it's wedding season and you decide to go on maintenance for awhile ... just so you can enjoy that cake with a clear conscience. Before you know it, you start to gain weight again and you lose all of those health benefits you worked so hard for in the first place.

If there's one thing everyone agrees on, it's that weight control is a key component of maintaining good health. Where opinions differ is on the question of how to safely control that weight. Terms like "calories," "metabolism," and "maintenance," not to mention the various flavor-of-the-week diet fads that make headlines ... it's a lot of information to process.

We've tried to make the topic of weight loss a little easier to understand by providing the latest weight management news, tips, and expert analysis in a clear and concise manner. The decision to take control of your weight is an important one: Make sure you have information you can trust at hand to make the correct choices.